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Welcome to The Kalamazoo Promise's revised website!  While primarily developed for The Kalamazoo Promise Scholars, we hope there is something of interest for everyone, including current and new families, organizations, community members, and friends across the nation interested in our work. This incredible gift has a far-reaching impact on our community and all of the many supporters involved. That is what we hope we have captured on this website. The Kalamazoo Promise is indeed the catalyst for community transformation and we are building this culture together through the gift of The Kalamazoo Promise and its investment in youth.

As we embark upon what we are calling Phase II of The Kalamazoo Promise, we have heard stories from countless students, parents, and friends about how this scholarship has changed lives.  Even with more than 2000 students who have used the scholarship, we know that the work has just begun, and that there is much more to do.  One certain fact remains, The Kalamazoo Promise is far more than we ever anticipated it would be!  Thank you always to the anonymous donors of The Kalamazoo Promise.

The Kalamazoo Promise Team